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  1. I can't seem to select the audio track I want on VOB2MPG (free version). The audio stream that is played on the resulting mpg always seems to be the last track on the list irrespective of which track I select.

    For example if I have the following listed under audio streams
    DEF: [80] English 'AC3' 6 chs
    [80] English 'AC3' 6 chs
    [81[ Espagnol 'AC3' 6 chs

    The mpg will always have the spanish sound track irrespective of which track I select.

    Note in the preview screen the correct audio stream is being played and I can happily switch between sound tracks during preview

    I also note that in the output log there is no mention of removing audio tracks after the chapter extraction which I saw in the online help video when I select a non-default audio stream

    I have a windows 64 bit system. I have also tried on windows XP machine and I get the same error.

    Any suggestions?

    I'd love to get this fixed as it seems to be fabulous program otherwise.
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    I guess you need the 'Pro' = paid version to do that.
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    If you cannot get the free version of Vob2Mpg to select the correct audio stream, you may have to start ripping from the disc with only one audio stream. Lots of DVD ripping programs will allow you to do this.

    For existing rips, you can remove extraneous audio streams using DVDShrink (no compression setting). Then run this new copy through Vob2Mpg.

    Neither of these really solve the problem, but are simply workarounds.
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  4. Thanks very much for the workarounds!

    May be some else has experienced the same problem and found a direct solution?
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    Unlike you, I did check the official page for the capabilities of the free version

    Scroll down the page. In a nutshell, the direct solution is to buy the program.
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  6. Thanks very much. You are correct. It is not a feature supported by the free version!
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