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  1. Hi,
    I've been capturing the analog RCA/Composite video contents (including AUDIO) coming from my Satellite Receiver (or) DVD Player (and then Stream out to my Wowza Server). I've been using only of:
    But this Products are ending or even ended. I choose this two previously because it is simply come with R,C,A Ports and also PCI.

    Now moving forward, can you all please advise which are the best replacements for that kind of Cards above, in the market please.
    What are the all possible alternative ways to capture the RCA/Composite Analog Contents (including Audio) to PC, without using USB ones.

    Then again because of the 24/7 run, i totally dont want to use USB interfaces.
    I don't mind anything but as long as PCI or PCIe.

    So to wrap up the scenario, the requirements to choose a better CARD would be:
    - Capture RCA/Composite Video+Audio Channel
    - Should NOT be USB Interface.
    - Run on Windows
    - Would be better if confirmed working with WIRECAST Broadcasting Software.

    Hoping for you to kindly share your experience and suggestions.

    Thank you so much.
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    Look for Hauppauge HVR 1850 it the last of Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder in PCIe it should work the same as you all ready done the PVR 150 because it has the same Hardware MPEG encoder then there then Dual Tuner HVR 2250 it not the same encoder but it may work.
    Other option is Colossus Hardware MPEG-4/AVC Encoder in PCIe or you get a Standard run of the mill AVI capture device like ImpactVCB-e, HVR 1250
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