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    This may seem ridicule and obsolete to many, but I'm not a "phone person", and my cell phone is quite basic.

    That is I paid as less as I could on a Nokia 110, that served what I needed at that moment.

    Now I need to record interviews, and my Tascam digital recorder was stolen. So for a time I will have to try other options.

    The first is try to use this Nokia, which has no USB interface and seems not to have a way to transfer the audio file I reccorded to the mem card I put inside.

    So I think I might have to capture the audio directly to the computer. How can I do that? Can I use the mic/line input to go in with the phone's headphone output? Which program can I use to capture the audio?
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    Any halfway decent USB mic will come with basic software. You can also try Audacity.

    Keep the mic well clear of the computer to avoid recording fan noise.
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    I haven't kept up with Nokia phones for years, but in the past they had a store that sold an app for many of their phones where it could browse the internal file system and let you look for files that were recorded internally and you could move them to the memory card and then use that to copy the files to a PC. I have no idea if such an app exists for your phone or not, but you can check.

    Windows comes with Sound Recorder to record sound from a microphone. You can look into that. I don't understand your question about the headphone output but you would need to use the mic/line input for recording.
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  4. You can buy a cheap mic/earpiece for around $2. Plug in to the LINE IN.
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