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    A new error I haven't seen before. Someone uploaded the files from a DVD to Dropbox. When I go to burn in Nero 5 I get this error which I've never seen before.

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    I also get another "may not play" error further on in the process. Burned it to a DVD rewritable seems to play okay.


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    Hard to say.

    Try, NOT using Nero. ImgBurn would be preferable. What does IT tell you?
    Make sure you've fully & correctly downloaded them from DropBox.
    Make sure you've got plenty of temp space on your HDDs.

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    It means that what you got is incomplete (most likely - BUP, VOB or IFO may be missing) or something is wrong with it (less likely). Nero is simply warning you that what it burns isn't quite right so there is always a theoretical chance that a standalone DVD player may refuse to play it. Yes, it will probably be OK as you found out, but there may be a player somewhere that chokes on it.
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