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  1. So I downloaded some blu-ray artwork that I'd like to print. The problem is that the cases I have to use are the larger 25mm cases because of the # of discs. The artwork was created for a regular 12mm case. Is there a program that will allow you to stretch the spine?

    I have always used Undercover XP for basic printing but this is a little different. Any help/advice?
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    I use Undercover XP too so I figured it might have a way to deal with this. The only thing that comes to mind if I had this problem is that I could use HyperSnapX (not freeware) to cut out the spine part and the front and back into separate files and then put together a new cover using Acoustica CD LabelMaker (despite the name, it can also create covers for DVDs, CDs and BluRays).
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    I too use Undercover XP for most of my cover printing. For purposes of designing covers for DVDs,
    which I believe would be a similar task for Blu-rays, I use DVD- Cover Printmaster. This free program allows you to adjust all faces of your covers to your own size guidelines.
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