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    Hi everybody,
    I have about 30 minidv cassettes recorded in sony dcr-pc-109e in pal. I used to dv capture smoothly to my pc from camcorder before it broke. Now to make final copy in blueray I brought a spark minidv cam. It plays perfectly on its screen but when I capture to pc via firwire, video is jerky whenever the camera while recording had been moving. I also noticed similar jerkiness in moving camera in old songs on TV. But it's too much in my videos and making the capture useless. To surprise video is perfect whenever camera was still.
    Please help!
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  2. A short several second sample showing the jerkiness would help.
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  3. I suspect the video is being played with the wrong field order. Try a different player or a different DV decoder. Or try forcing the opposite field order if your player or decoder has such a setting.
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