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  1. What is the best (not necessarily free) cataloger for Mp3's. I want to produce a text/doc/xls file.
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  2. MP3 what? What are you cataloging? Folders? CDs? Data DVD/Bluray? It matters because of how you may want to access/construct
    what is, presumably, a lookup table.
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    Are you wanting it to scan tags? Autoscan folders?

    For generic all-media catalogging, I have most often used abeMedia (formerly CDWinder) on PC and NeoFinder (formerly CDFInder) on Mac. €29 for single private user license, €99 for 2-user networked business license. Very encompassing (incl. media types, file & tag/metadata types, search/filtering).

    I use other things for DAM for my editing, but they're either built into the NLE or are an overall networked DAM service. ($$)

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