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  1. The program I have is Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (cant update to a newer version) what sequence preset should I be setting for videos and photos from my Galaxy S4 phone? I believe these video ARE HD

    properties of the video says:

    1920x1080 (.75)

    29.97 frames per second


    I have read that in newer Premiere pro programs you can select the video and drag it to "new item" and it automatically picks the correct sequence but Premiere Pro but CS4 does not let you do this.

    thank you!! This will be my first time making a "vacation dvd" !
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    I'm on CC, but all indications are you CAN create a new sequence by dropping a source clip on the icon in CS4. If that doesn't work, any 1080p30 sequence will be fine.

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    Note that (if you haven't attempted this before) you may have some serious synchronization issues due to the possibility of your phone having recorded in VFR (variable framerates), which PP may or may not be able to handle.

    If not, you'll need to transcode it in another app first.

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