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  1. Hi,

    I am a new member here, and looks like this forum has lots of good information.
    I am currently developing HEVC encoder that will be ported to our hardware. I need a good HEVC analyzer with useful debug
    features. Anyone has the experience with any tool and please share with your thought. So far I have tried Elecard's but I am not
    satisfied with that tool.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Hi! Tried this
    > Elecard
    > Zond
    > Vega
    > CodecVisa
    > Intel® Video Pro
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  3. Thank you all!

    I will try all the tools listed, and the blog has also a good introduction to the tools.
    I wonder which one you prefer?
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    Originally Posted by rokoko View Post
    Thank you all!
    Not for that

    You understand these analyzers? Look at this very sinister & disagreeable coding example HEVC, and tell me your suggestion
    I-I-B-B-B>P> further degradation goes all the way; this P-frame is formed / refers to the previous frame.
    Visible as there is a trace of the tree - error encoder or decoder ...
    Where what is necessary to prescribe the position +1n/frame instead -1n/frame (my guess)

    > HEVC
    > ProRes
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