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    Hi everybody!

    I need Your help!

    I have a sony ax-2000 camcorder. If i record a longer schnitt, then 12min 42 sec it split video files.
    TsMuxer is a fantastic tool for me, becase it can merge this video files.
    I recorded a wedding day, so i have lot's of long video.

    I would like to create a program, that auto merge this files.
    If i add a video file and join an other the tsMuxer gui calculate a timeshift value (+-500ms).
    I can not image how does it?

    Can You help me?

    P.S.: Sorry for my English
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    Program a GUI that uses the tsmuxer command line tool?
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  3. tsmuxer gives you the audio delay of existing files if you just enter the file name on the command line.

    D:\Downloads>"g:\program files\tsmuxer\tsmuxer" dump.ts
    Network Optix tsMuxeR.  Version 2.6.11.
    Track ID:    4113
    Stream type: H.264
    Stream ID:   V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Stream info: Profile: High@4.0  Resolution: 1920:1080i  Frame rate: 29.97
    Stream lang:
    Track ID:    4352
    Stream type: AAC
    Stream ID:   A_AAC
    Stream info: Sample Rate: 48KHz  Channels: 2
    Stream lang:
    Stream delay: -16
    Duration: 26:30:43.717
    Redirect output to a file, parse the file for the stream delay, and apply it to your meta file.
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    Thank You for Your Help!
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