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    I bought an R2 disc hoping that I could rip it and play it on my media player. However, DVDFab isn't resetting the region code to 0 when it copies the disc. And it won't rip the files to mkv.

    What software might I be able to use to rip or do a 1:1 copy and reset the region code?
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    "Ripping" is an exact 1:1 copy of the media material. To make an mkv video from a DVD involves conversion, not merely ripping. All DVDFab ripped copies, regardless of original region, are made region free during the ripping process. Your problem must lie elsewhere. (I suspect you are trying to rip a newly-released DVD, which has a copy-protection scheme not yet addressed by DVDFab. As the makers of DVDFab have been under heavy persecution in recent weeks, they might never make the update you need.)

    Also, you might want to check if your problem is actually a region mismatch or a standards mismatch, like trying to play a PAL disc on an NTSC DVD deck and tv.
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    Try MakeMKV. It's free to try and others here report that you can keep it free if you keep updating it to the latest free "try before you buy" version.

    Ripping should always remove the region code - period. NO exceptions. What exactly does " DVDFab isn't resetting the region code to 0 when it copies the disc" mean? I mean, what is your basis for this claim? You may be misunderstanding what you see. For example, you may have a "My BluRay player can't handle PAL video" issue that you are interpreting incorrectly as a region code issue. You should probably explain what your media player is as well and what you are trying to play (ripped DVD with VIDEO_TS folder?).
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