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  1. I´ve read much information about machines with 25 years ago (SOny - Panasonic, etc).
    But haven´t heard anything bou Samsung VCR.
    Yes, quality is not the best (even with metal parts on mechanisms).

    But I had a VT 7253C VCR (digital display and tuner, 2 head, 2 week timer) and lasted 6 years ....
    My cousin had the VT7251, similar, and gave to me as a gift, but technician said that has a wormgear brokan, not only hard to find
    buy synchronize it it´s very hard..!!!!
    That part makes the loading mechanism detecd an prepare the tape transport. !!
    I exchanged it for a Sony....

    anyone has a that Suamsung old logo VCR???
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    Samsung never really made VCRs.
    Most of them were rebadged Panaspnic VCRs.
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    lordsmurf knows what he is talking about. Most Samsungs are just rebranded Panasonics as well as a few others.
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    Ahh, my Samsung VCR...

    Kicked it in when it started flaking out. Keeping it around for The Great Bonfire for when I finally finish with my VHS transfers.

    I have no love for VHS. This is regular practice for me and this gear.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Samsung.jpg
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    Is there anything you'd like me to check under the hood that confirms it's a Panasonic?

    I hate VHS. I always did.
    I hate VHS. I always did.
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    LOL! You Da Man, PuzZLeR!
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