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    Just wondering the best method, and if it's possible to convert PAL to NTSC without re-rendering? The newbie in me tried ripping via FAB, but that just makes another PAL dvd... duh. I can rip the PAL disc to Vegas, and then convert to 24fps, but then I'm re-rendering. Do you have to re-render when converting 25 to 24 fps?
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  2. Yes. See the differences here.
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  3. The best method is to use a DVD player that converts on the fly (many DVD players can do this). If you have to make an NTSC DVD you must reencode.
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    You can try the infamous "patch" method here. It's quick and if it works, great for you. If your player doesn't like it, too bad. There are no guarantees here. This is the only method that retains your menus because it's basically tricking your DVD player into playing the file - assuming your player can be tricked.

    Some DVD players can convert between PAL and NTSC video already. If your player has a video setting that offers NTSC, PAL and MULTI or ANY as options, then set it to NTSC and it should be able to play your DVD and convert it to NTSC. However, if the DVD has region coding on it you will still have to deal with that, probably via ripping and reburning to be region free.

    My advice is that if you have to do PAL<->NTSC conversion more than twice, you're better off just buying a converting DVD player.
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