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    I wonder if you know the answer to this or if anyone knows someone to help me.

    My HP PC Windows 7 has this problem lately. I touch the mouse to do something, usually on the internet, and whole screen goes black but the computer is still running and monitor still on. Wires all tight. Sometimes i wiggle the mouse, or just touch it and the screen comes back, sometimes it doesn't and takes longer, or takes me opening a new browser.

    Any ideas? Know anyone who could help?

    Thank you!
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    This happened to me before, but it's gone now. It could be video driver issue. I always use the latest video driver. My video card is Nvidia. Or it could be IE browser issue, and that Windows Update would fix it. Good luck.
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  3. Disable or set to never all the power saving settings in control panel. Disable hibernation. Close all browser windows for an extended time period. Verify if the problem will EVER occur, outside of the browser window . "USUALLY" is a nearly worthless piece of information.

    How long have you used this PC with NO problem? How long is "lately"? Use standard time measurements. Is automatic update for either Windows or HP turned on? Did you notice if you got one "lately"?

    How do you open a new browser if the screen is black?

    Is this a laptop? Are you on battery?
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  4. The problem could be associated with your video card. Check the following article on Windows support website:
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