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    Hello all,

    I am looking for a Portable media player or any program that can help me to maintain and stream all my couple hundred Short (Video Playlists) in my (Custom Selected Order) from my Seagate or WD External drive to my portable Digital Media Streamer device ( I have both a Netgear NEOTV media player, also have WD TV Live Media Player). Currently, I am able to put videos in my desired custom order on my Ext drive on Windows 7 PC, but when plug ext drive into media players, I instantly lose my custom video playlist order, these streamers are very limited, and only allow you to do video playlists order by date, alphabet, ratings etc. I need to keep, and have all my video playlists play in my custom desired order for several upcoming events etc.

    Any ideas on a device or program that can do this? Or any tips, tricks, or way to force these portable media players to maintain my custom desired (Video playlists) order, so I can stream to my projector?? Prefer to only have to use my Media player remote, to move around with ease , or pause a video etc, cannot be tied to laptop or PC etc, just want to use my portable media player to do this.

    Please advise, and thanks for your time and help!
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    File order can vary from Windows and various applications. It's all on how the app is written to sort the files. The same applies to external devices. You aren't likely to find a program to solve the problem, and media players don't run such programs.

    Instead of trying to fix the media player playback, how about simply naming the files to get them to playback in the proper order on the media player, and then using a playlist (or a software option) on the PC?
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