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  1. I've got an .mkv container file and the audio portion of it is ogg and I need to convert it to something more common like aac or ac3. I would like to do so without having to re encode the whole file and causing needless video degredation.

    If any one can off some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not super knowledgeable about these things. I can navigate a program and change setting when told to, but I don't know the science behind how these files work beyond the basics so if you get too technical I'm going to be lost.
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    MKV is only a container, so you should be able to pull video/audio streams from it at will.

    Try tsMuxerGUI. It accepts .mkv input, and you can demux streams (audio/video).

    Never worked with OGG, but it's worth a shot. If successful, you can convert the OGG audio with an AAC/AC3 encoder to AAC/AC3 respectively, then remux back to .mkv with mkvmergeGUI, without loss to the video portion.
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  3. Get Audacity and the ffmpeg source plugin for it.

    You can then import the audio directly from the MKV file and encode it with whatever codec you want. Finally use MMG to mux the old video and the new audio together into a new MKV file.
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    The simple way is to use either Popcorn Audio Converter or MKV2AC3 both do it without having to demux etc etc, both available in the Tools section of Popcorn Audio Convertor uses a number of helper applications and you may have to show it where they are. MKV2AC3 is pretty much a one button solution.
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    You can use TEncoder.
    1-Add file to the program.
    2-Click to the file on the list. Select the audio track you want to encode using the combobox above. If you have one audio stream, the is is not necessary.
    3-Select "Direct Copy" as video codec. Select the audio codec you want. Use "Codec Options" button to bring up the options window. Set audio codec options. Changing video options will not have any effect since you select to copy it.
    4-Select "FFMpeg" as encoder and "MKV" as container.
    5-Click to "Encode" to start.
    I've used this (along with many people) without a problem countless times. It should work fine.
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  6. AviDemux should work too. Open the source video, leave video set to copy. Select the audio codec and configure it. Select the MKV muxer for output. Save.
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  7. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

    I tried out TEncoder and it seemed to work fine.
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