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    Im pretty much a noob to streaming, and ive been having issues with Vuze and my 360 playing videos and the right formats so im asking for some help. I have a central drive that hold Dvd and BluRay videos that i want to convert down to a small size(500mb-800mb) while keeping as much quality as i can, i stream to my 360 w/42in Tv as well as to my tablet and phone, so what formats should I be looking to use? And whats a good converter that just does the basics?

    I dont have cable so im looking to do this for my kids, but i dont know anything about codexs or formats. The best thing ive come up with is XBMC for streaming my library.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Vidcoder! Convert to mp4 with h264 video. Adjust the output file size under settings and video.
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