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    New Here thanks for having such a forum exactly when I need it.

    My dilemma is Ii have a Phillips 55 inch TV with lots of inputs but no outputs for sound, i have a HD PVR by SHAW Cable, that is HDMI into it but the audio is sent to a Samsung 1000W surround sound system, the timing is off on the audio from what you hear to what you see, its slow (you hear the vocabulary then see the mouth move). I'm trying to fix it, I bought BRAND NEW monster cables because the future shop guy said cheap cables could be my problem but he was wrong, then I tried a digital audio cable from the Shaw box to the Samsung box and it worked but only when watching something on the high def channels, I mean its annoying yes but I really would like to fix it.

    Second problem is I got an apple TV in the whole loop as well but because of only 1 output style on that and an already used input on the samsung box you have to use audio on the tv which is super annoying cause the speakers suck ass. So my idea is to use the Samsungs NETFLIX but there in lies another problem the samsung box does not have wifi and needs a direct connection, I cannot get any cables to it as its basicly on the other side of the house which is very old and has concrete walls. So is there a way I can use a router or other similar device to pick up a wifi signal and have wired outputs?

    Model numbers and pictures to follow.
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    Tv: 55pfl5505d/f7
    cable box: Dcx3400-m
    audio box:ht-e4500
    apple tv 3
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    Monster cables do an excellent job of lightening your wallet but have about zero affect on audio quality. Hope you got your money back and don't believe salesmen without real evidence.

    Others may have some suggestions about your audio problems.

    And hafast, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.

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    Thank you for your clarification. Still active request.
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    OK, my recommendation to you is this:

    Use the TV as your "input switcher" (ALL items coming in via HDMI).
    Get a Digital Coaxial<-->Digital Optical converter box and connect the Coax Dig Audio Output of your TV (which you should have, acc'd to the user guide) to the converter, and it's optical output to the Digital Optical input of your Samsung HT box.
    With the exception of stuff originating from its own internal disc drive, all inputs to the Samsung would then be through that input (incl. OTA TV, CableBox, AppleTV, etc).

    I'm sorry to see that it doesn't look like that TV has A/V sync adjustment controls (heck, my 47' LG does). Hopefully, looping through the TV first can lessen the delay.
    You might even find a coax/optical converter box that has adjustable delay ability.

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