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    Hello folks,

    I'm fairly new to video manipulation. Someone sent me a VHS rip in MOV format. Vertical lines tend to be really wobbly. See my attached screen shot.

    Can this be cleaned up? If so, what program would you recommend I use?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    a TBC is what you're looking for i believe.
    Read here:

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  3. You might be able to clean it up with a line TBC before capturing. Once captured it cannot be fixed.
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    Since I don't have access to the original source VHS tape, I assume then, that cleaning up these wobbly distortions is a hopeless task? I was hoping to find some kind of software based TBC that would clean this up before burning to disc.
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    Nope. Too wobbly to fix in the digital stage with any "intelligent" solution.

    If you had the tape, a TBC would be very effective for this problem in the analog stage. And if there was only a tiny bit of jitter, with a much lower threshold, it could be improved somewhat (or well disguised) with noise removal software that also applies temporal filters with motion analysis.

    Only a studio, with a full time professional video staff, that is dedicated to restoring video, frame by frame, field by field, or scanline by scanline, manually, with expensive software, can fix this.

    As for domestic, or home solutions, it's quite hopeless and unrealistic. I'm sorry.
    I hate VHS. I always did.
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    Well, as a last-ditch effort, it might be worth a try to throw that "software TBC" AVISynth script (as mentioned in previous threads here) at it and see what happens. Couldn't hurt, might help. You never know...

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