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    I am creating an HD movie from original content and will distribute to 50 or so families at my daughter's school. The intent is to author Blu Ray video (~45 min.), and also have a repository of photos for viewing or using. The Blu Ray should play on a set top box, while the photo files should be accessible via a BD drive on a PC or Mac. I have done this in the past with standard DVDs, but not BD. From previous posts, it sounds possible if I burn using the right file structure.

    What structure is required, and would ImgBurn work once I have an output of the BD files and the data files. Once completed, I also have to burn 50 times, and would like to use a readily available tool like ImgBurn if possible.

    thanks in advance.
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    I did this a while ago. I created a folder in the root of the blu-ray structure. I named it Xtra or something like that, then burned the new file structure with Imgburn. It worked fine as I remember. I had both images and video files in the folder for archival purposes.
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