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  1. Hi everyone, I have a really big issue here and have close to 0% with video editing and seek some professional help. I need to submit a 5 minute presentation tomorrow at 1pm EST, and I finished recording it earlier today. The problem is, when I got home to upload the video to my computer, it came out to be about 3:50 long, which is a huge problem seeing that the minimum allowed is 5 minutes. I've tried altering the playback speed in movie maker but anything past .9x has a huge impact on the pitch of my voice. Are there any tools out there that can help me slow down the video without a change in pitch, or is there someone out there who'd be able to guide me through the process? I'm in dire need of help, any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks! Pm me if you have any questions or inquiries. If someone would be able to do this for me, and make it look more professional I would pay. Thanks
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    Several ways to do it:
    Demux the video and then stretch it to the required length
    Rerecord audio to match
    Remux the 2 tracks.

    If you can't redo the audio then use Adobe Audition or similar audio editor to stretch the audio to the required length maintain correct pitch - there are menu items or plugins available to do this
    Then remux the processed audio with the video.
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    Title Sequence and closing credits?
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  4. If there is a moment of pause after each sentence, the "easiest way" is to duplicate those silent frames.
    In that way, you don't need to mess with audio's pitch.
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