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    I want to make a funny dub I've had it mind, and I know Adobe Premier Pro CS6 is the perfect program for making that. Unfortunately I dn't know how to get it.

    Also in my dub I wanted to put someone's face over a face in the video, kinda like track motion, i'm not sure what it's called. But I want the face I put on to be on the person's face in the video and be stuck to the head so it moves with the body. What is this called?
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    What's it called? An "Animation".

    You're "animating" an object in sync with an existing object.

    The other part of it is creating a cutout of the new head. A cutout is obtained by various methods, but most commonly a trace tool, magic wand tool, or chroma key tool. The idea is to create a density map of zero in the unwanted parts.

    A density map is also called the Alpha Channel.

    "Track Motion" does describe the tool used to keyframe the animation in Sony Vegas Pro. Premiere probably calls it something else.
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