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  1. as title.

    I've searched the net but cannot find a guide/tool (freeware is preferable) that can help. thanks very much

    ps. I know I can use virtualbox and do it on Windows. But I'm trying to use native apps is possible
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    tried tsmuxer?
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  3. I agree, tsMuxeR is the way to go
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  4. thank you.

    I believe I've used tsmuxer when when I still had a windows desktop but I didn't know there's a native OSX version.
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  5. yes, an old and a new one.
    old one: runs on Mac OS X 10.6+, but requires AppleMyungjo.ttf and Gungseouche.ttf to be removed from /Library/Fonts to work
    new one: runs on Mac OS X 10.8+
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  6. working very nicely. Does what I want.

    thanks very much
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