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    Greetings. Im trying to run rtmpexplorer then rtmpsuck after closing the server out. The issue is its telling me I have to update my flash player. I went in IE and did this, however, after updating im still getting the same message.

    I tried setting up a proxy in IE and FF with and on port 1935 but this didnt work. Obviously you cant do this.

    Ive also edited the host file directly so it reads "http:\\link\to\site" after running the attrib.exe -R -S -H command on the host file.

    Running Either rtmpsrvr or rtmpsuck does nothing. No errors. It just sits there.

    How do I get it working with the rtmpexplorer tool or alternatively what am i putting in the host file to make it work?

    Im trying to gather rtmp information to create .strm files for use in XBMC.

    Windows 7 64 bit.

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  2. Hi ,

    @cnmsales : give us a link for the video you try to watch .

    Regards .
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