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    How do i do the effect in the minute 1:31 ? I really wanna know how, any help would be much appreciated
    PS: it's my first post in this forum
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    double posting won't help
    Is he gone?
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    There is no name for this effect - Its primarily a combination of 3 effects:

    1) The green/magenta effect is done with RGB splitting (each plane is shifted in a direction) .

    2) The foreground singer is composited onto the same clip that has saturation decreased (so it's almost black & white, but singer is still in color) . This can be done by masking & compositing

    3) The "flashing" is just frame to frame levels adjustments (brighter & darker)

    That section was shot with a "shaky" cam, but you can introduce shakiness into the clip in post production as well
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  4. In AviUtl, it is "Color Shift"+"Animation Effect:Trembling" with some other color adjustment, somewhat like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Vhehp-20140421-CShift-Temb.png
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    A Sample in action: (attachment)
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