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    Hello All,

    I have been researching TBC (Time Base Correctors) for some time and a friend of mine has given me an older Professional model, the DPS-175. It is in good working condition, but I am wondering if it will do the same as a more prosumer unit such as the AVT-8710, which is a TBC i have been thinking of purchasing. I understand some on here do not recommend professional TBCs for the purpopse of VHS copying, however just wondering if this would work, or would it be better to pass up the offer and purchase something like the AVT-8710 instead.

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    If you can try out the DPS-175 at no cost, then see how it performs. You'll then be able to make a much more informed decision. Don't turn it down just because it is professional hardware.
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    Before buying an AVT-8710, better read this:
    Is my new AVT-8710 DOA? Screen Shots... - Forum

    Not sure if they ever fixed the manufacturing issue.
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