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    How can you import HEVC videos in Adobe Premiere Pro cc? (mkv and or mp4 format)

    Are there any patch plugin etc?
    Thank you for your reply!
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    If you can find the propper import plugin for Avisynth, then you can use AVFS to frameserve into Premiere or any editor you want. Otherwise you can edit hevc directly in AviUtl or ShotCut.

    Why would anyone want to do this?
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  3. me thinks he's trying to analyze and manipulate the many posted x265 encoded hevc clips.

    probably better off scripting and viewing in virtualdub. you need the avisynth plugin l-smash for the hevc. that is what i use.
    * search for similar file "L-SMASH-Works_r714-gf8890ff.7z" or later.

      loadplugin( "c:\plugins\LSMASHSource.dll" )
      LWLibavVideoSource(v, cache=true, seek_mode=0)#.selectevery(2,0) # unremark if your framerate is lower or higher
      ScriptClip( """ subtitle("x265 -preset ultrafast --crf 17 -o video.hevc"  + string(current_frame) + " - " + string(framecount),4,12)""")

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