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  1. Okay so a little background, I recorded my video on one computer and my audio on another computer using audacity. When I recorded the audio I ensured it recorded in stereo, but I noticed that when I played the audio back it only played through the right speaker, it seems to be extremely quite in the left speaker so I'm assuming it's a damaged microphone? (the speakers work fine and it does the same thing in headphones).

    So, assuming I'm correct I'll need a new microphone but in the meantime, I was wondering it's possible to "fix" the audio? as in, if I copied the audio, could I have it so one audio track plays through the left speakers and one through the right?

    I mean I have copied the audio track and tried something I thought might work, but it only panned the audio so one track was faintly quiet and the other was normal volume, essentially is there any way to flip the audio over?

    just for a note, I'm using final cut pro on mac osx at the moment for video and audio editing.
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    Any audio editor should be able to this, including Audacity,
    which you mentioned.
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