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    I need to get my BD/DVD movie copied into ProRes format for FCP X with surround sound, but have worked on this for quite a while but it's a real challenge. Is there any suggestion?
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  2. ProRes is a video format, so it itself has nothing to do with the audio.
    Looking at it doesn't look like Final Cut Pro X does support any of the native surround sound audio formats from Blu-ray/DVD (ac3/dts/dts-hd/true-hd) aside from may be LPCM audio when wrapped into a wav container.

    Since I'm not a FCP user, I would first test if FCP supports multichannel AAC Audio as input. (attached two files)
    Assuming FCP does indeed support 5.1 and 7.1 aac audio one could use ffmpeg or ffmpbc to convert the video to prores and the audio to (lc-)aac and wrap both inside a mov container.
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