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    I've seen guides on how record adobe flash player live streams but they generally revolve around basically desktop style capturing. I was wondering if there is any software that save a live video stream bit-for-bit. I ask this cause capturing the desktop results in large file sizes. It would be great to be able to capture it directly with no quality loss and lower overall file size.
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    Have you tried any downloader like vso downloader, streamtransport, freemake video downloader, ?

    Be careful when you install adware. Deselect all annoying addons.
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    Some addons are now using negative logic when they present you with a yes/no question to answer at installation. Read carefully as you may have to answer "yes" to not install an addon. For example it may say something like "Do you want to not install XXX" and if you don't pay attention and just answer "no" by routine then you have actually told it to not not install it, which means to install it.
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