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    I have some episodes of a TV show that I want to play on my DVD player for my TV. Presently, they are in AVI format and when I use a converter program (AVS4YOU) I can only get 2 episodes per 4.7GB disc. With a DVD player for TV can I use AVI format and be able to create a menu? If not AVI, is there another format to use that will work with a TV and allow me to make a menu? I also have MOVAVI and wonder which program is better. I also have 8.5 GB disks and wonder if they will work with a DVD p[layer for a TV. THANKS
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    Divx Ultra supports menus. But few dvd player supports it and there aren't that many divx menu programs.

    Or else are you limited to standard dvd-video. But you should be able to get 4-5 hours/dvd9 with good quality. Try other dvd converters like avs2dvd or convertxtodvd.
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    If I want fast conversion I use ConvertXtoDVD. If I want better quality I use AVStoDVD. Each has their use.
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