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    nnedi3_rpow2(rfactor=2, cshift="Spline36Resize", fwidth=720, fheight=480)

    how can i make this 16:9 heard about panarama in avisynth confused any help editing script would really be helpful thanks in advance sam1776 kansas city
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  2. In Avisynth you do not set aspect ratios, you do that in target application, whatever loads Avisynth script and sometimes even that application does not do that as well. Like Avisynth-VirtualDub-lossless-videoeditor, where you set 16:9 in that last in chain - videoeditor to interpret footage with appropriate aspect ratio (NTSC DV widescreen in your case).
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  3. Why are you using a 720x480 frame size? Are you making a DVD? In that case set the display aspect ratio in the MPEG 2 encoder to 16:9.
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    So you want to take a 4:3 video and make it 16:9 ?
    And the 4:3 video was probably originally recorded or filmed in 16:9 or 2.35:1 and has a good amount of content cropped out to make it 4:3 and you want to crop or cut out even more content ?

    panarama ?

    Do you mean
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  5. I looked it up. I think he means this AviSynth Panorama() filter which performs a non-linear stretch like WarpResized() (included with SimpleResize):

    So maybe he is looking to stretch a 4:3 video to 16:9.

    Personally, I hate that effect. It's especially annoying in panning and dolly shots.
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    sam1776 here and jagabo is correct the original size is 576x432 4:3 and im using this (nnedi3_rpow2(rfactor=2, cshift="Spline36Resize", fwidth=720, fheight=480) and the 720x480 is not 16:9 but 3:2 but i want 16:9 widescreen and im doing a old music video from the 80's not a full movie then i can apply this filter to all the videos because they all have the same 576x432 ratio ill try the links from jagabo im making a dvd and i thought that upscaling to 720x480 with nnedi would look better than lanczos 16:9 in convertxtodvd5 thanks for all the help friends
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  7. If you want a non-linear stretch you can use something like:

    WarpedResize(856, 480, 0.75, 1.00) # ~16:9 
    BilinearResize(720,480) # for DVD, encode 16:9 DAR
    WarpedResize comes with the SimpleResize package. You can modify the third argument to get different degrees of stretch at the edges. 1.0 gives the same stretch across the entire frame (same as normal resize filters like BicubicResize), smaller values keep the middle closer to the source DAR but stretch the edges more.

    That will change this 576x432 frame:

    Name:  576x432.png
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    to this DVD compatible 720x480 frame:

    Name:  720x480.png
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    after encoding to DVD with 16:9 DAR it will display on your TV like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	16x9.png
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    As you can see the center of the picture has retained the square blocks but the edges of the frame are very stretched. This works well for talking head shots where what you focus on is in the middle of the frame. But it looks very bad in panning shots where objects are very wide as they enter the frame from the side, get skinny in the middle, then get wide again at the other edge.
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