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  1. Hi, there

    I'd like to ask about advanced encoding guide for BlueRay using "MeGUI". I tried to convert BlueRay to "Vob" first then I can use "DGIndex"
    to make d2v, but it didn't give me quality I really need. Is there is any way to rip Blueray without converting, thanks in advance.
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    Ripping generally refers to transferring the data from the disc to the hard drive. This process does not degrade the video. When you re-encode the video, that's when you'll get some video quality loss, though if it is done well, it might be hard to discern.

    Which container format do you want as an end result? There are several to choose from, like mkv, mp4, or simply a smaller Blu-ray video.

    What equipment will you be playing this from? This often times has a major effect on the encoding parameters that you use.

    What size output do you need? Or is this a concern?
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