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  1. I don't know if this is a capturing or converting issue, but I'll post it here. I have a Hauppauge 1212 that I have been tinkering with; trying to get it to capture from a Dish 722 receiver. I've heard that some people have real issues with this. I have tried recording at 1080 and 720, and the resulting TS files play fine on my PC. The problem I'm having is when I try to convert these files to mp4 or DVD quality MPEG 2. When I do this, the audio gets progressively out of sync so that by the end of a 2 hour video it's almost a second or two out. The only success I've had is walking it through virtualdub first and converting the resulting avi file.

    Anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do to remedy this?
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  2. OK, I solved the problem myself. Apparently if I capture in M2TS instead of TS and at 720P instead of 1080i, I can eliminate the lip sync issue.
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    Thanks for posting your solution.

    What do you convert to mp4 with? and dvd mpeg2?
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  4. Sorry for the delay in getting back. I've been out of town. I primarily use ffmpeg for all my converting as it does a pretty decent job for the price (free).

    The only problem I've been having with my conversions now is that when I convert from the 59.94 fps captured m2ts to 29.97 fps mpeg2 for DVD it looks soap opra-ish on my DVD player and TV. I've turned off motion enhancement on the TV and progressive scan on the DVD player. That helps some, but doesn't eliminate the problem. I've also tried interlacing the mpeg2 video which helps a lot, but the video isn't smooth in some high motion parts. I've had some luck with trying to convert the frame rate back down to 23.976 where I'm sure most of the movies were shot. However, converting video that way sometimes results in choppy video.
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    I haven't used my 1212 for two or three years but when I was using it a lot, I found that trying to edit out commercials and such in the ts/m2ts container was close to impossible without using a program like VideoReDo. I was using COX Cable at the time and most of their telecasts were 1080i. If I could've captured at 720p instead I would've since it would've been a little easier to edit in mp4 or mkv container.

    My goal wasn't for mpeg2 though but for original broadcast avc/ac3. I have Dish now and am tempted in hooking the 1212 up but the PC is a long way away from the STB now. I had the cable hooked up at 15 feet from the PC and am afraid that anything further (25 feet?) would give me a terrible signal.
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  6. i suspect another problem all-together. i say, you got lucky in the 2nd time you capture to m2ts. usually, capturing to other than the original container, .ts, leads to these and other talked-about problems. anyway, you see, i believe your source (your tuner) is glitching in the transmission in different parts of the capture process. you don't notice it during live tv watching, but the hdpvr does. however, if you are capturing off the dvr (a recorded program) there's a good chance that some of the content gliches during the transmision.

    i have the hdpvr 1212 and capture all the time with it and can't recall ever having an audio sync problem. i capture only in the original .ts format. the channels i capture mainly is the disney channel off my directv (SD) format. i normally watch channel 290 DISe, 291 DISw and 292 DXD. however, because i can no longer adjust my dish to a higher than 80% signal strength on ch 292, every so often or on cloudy days, the transimision will contain glitches. i'll let someone else explain what 'glitche' is. anyway. when that happens, it throws off my ivtc on some of my converstions when using an ivtc filter. this has also introduced slight audio sync issues in some of the my video conversions. but i capture short clips, not long 1hour or 2hour programs. so sycn issues are so rare that i don't even notice, if i could ever tell.

    anyway, you should describe your conversion process because there seems to be some missing pieces to your problem.

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