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  1. I am trying to edit some stuff together & in some places the audio in a scene goes over a blank screen. Now I am wondering if with MPEG-VCR I can simply take the video where the scene cuts off then it cuts right away to another scene & keep that audio thats cut into the next scene ?
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    mpeg-vcr cuts audio and video together.

    To do what you want you need to be able to cut audio and video separately plus you need two simultaneous audio tracks in order to not lose the audio from the scene you are cutting into.

    Many capable NLE's can do this.
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  3. In MPEG-VCR you can demux the video and audio from the two scenes and then remux the audio you want to keep into the video you want. I have a feeling it may be a bit hit or miss in terms of keeping the audio and video aligned but it can be done.

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  4. Okay heres another question. I noticed in the "Insert Effect" thingy. We can insert a picture. Can I say insert just a blank screen over audio at a certain point instead of seeing text ?
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    Yes you can insert any image file, make sure it is the same dimensions as the video, You could also use (copy) another part of the video as a "cut away" image over the blank area. Maybe you should read up on "Film editing techniques" just do a Google search. Also the help file is not too bad..
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  6. So how do I copy blank video with no audio from that same video file over to where I want the text gone ?
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    Ah yes....the clipboard function in MPEG-VCR. That always confused me.
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