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  1. I am using Internet Download Manager to download pbs videos. This is a two click solution ( start the video, (I used IE8), download button appears near top of video, click it and then click "start download" on the dialogue box that appears) You can close out the video and still download. (See screenshot) However, I don't see any subtitles in the download, even though I click the cc (closed caption) button on the streaming video. My question #1 is: How can I capture or extract the subtitles?
    URL to this pbs video is:

    rtmp of the video is:

    A big advantage of using Internet Download Manager is that it seems to reliably complete the download. Those people that got the secret (difficult to find) Http url for the video download, with my poor internet connection, the download would always stop after a period of time. Besides, I was not successful to find the
    http url of the video. Question #2: I am curious, given the rtmp of the video, is there an easy way to find the http download of the video? Or to put it another way, is there a way to convert the given rtmp to http? I still would like to find the http of the pbs download.
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