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    I had some old tapes transfered to DVD a while ago at National Camera Exchange. I would like to take snipets of those DVD's and consolidate them into a single video for my daughters graduation. I tried Movie Maker, but it doesn't ever complete the "Audio Loading" processes. I called NCE and the6y said I need a video editing software that reconizes DVD as a valid input. When I look in the folder on the DVD there are a number of VOG files and I'm not sure what each represents. Can anyone either recommend another tool to use or explain to me what I'm doing wrong with Move Maker? It appears that I'm loading the files to Movie Maker but again it doesn't seem to ever finish.
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    A playable DVD has to adhere to a strict file structure but the files aren't considered to be video files. They are actually MPEG2 files but with different file headers and names. To edit them you need them in a format that a video editor can cope with and most, although I'm not sure about Movie Maker, can cope with MPEG2. Use Vob2mpg to convert the VOB files into MPG files that you can load into an editor.
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    "I'm not sure about Movie Maker" ... the understatement of the hour. Ditch it. Almost anything is better.

    Actually if you load the 1st .vob file in avidemux it will ask you if you want to append the rest. This works fine.
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