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  1. I have been ripping my BD collection to ISO's for years, but am now changing to the above formats. I'm pretty familiar with Handbrake, but not Makemkv. I would like to start converting my collection to MKV for the added functionality (especially HD sound), but also need MP4 for sharing with family members who have a variety of devices. I am trying to come up with the easiest and most useful workflow for accomplishing that. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    MakeMKV just decrypts and copies the main title into a MKV. No shrinking at all.

    You can then shrink to smaller mp4 for other devices. With for example handbrake, vidcoder, ripbot264.
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  3. Thanks, so I just make MKV's, and when necessary I can easily convert to MP4?
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    Yes. At least with BDs, the files from MakeMKV should be good enough quality that a conversion to MP4 shouldn't have much quality loss. Easy enough to try one and see if the quality is acceptable.
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  5. Thanks. Yes, that worked well.
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