I've been reading in here for a few hours and can't quite find what I am looking for.

I have a Canon ZR20 MiniDV camcorder that I used to capture videos of my kids from 12-5 years ago. I have about 20 miniDV tapes with recorded video and It has been all sitting in the closet for a while. Pulled it out today and watched one tape with my family. It played all the way through perfectly. Video of my son's first birthday and my dad (who has since passed away) playing with him.

When it was done I rewound the tape, and the camcorder stopped abruptly and had me eject the tape, the tape was caught inside the camcorder. I managed to remove it, and although it was damaged, I was able to wind it back in. I then tried to rewind it again and it rewound for a little while and then the same thing happened again. I was finally able to rewind it completely.

I took another tape and rewound and had the same issue again. I am afraid to use it again for fear of screwing up more tapes.

Does anyone have any advice on a new camcorder to get for these tapes? I would also like to capture this video to my PC and eventually move to DVD so I don't have to worry about problems with these tapes again.

Anyone with experience on transfering these tapes to digital please let me know what you recommend. I've done some googling (some have recommended the Pinnacle Movie Box), and read some of this forum. From what I read, you still need to use the camcorder to move the video (I'll need a new one now). I could really use some recommendations. I'm really worried I'm going to lose this video now.