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    I captured some video via iPhone then attached it to an email and sent it to my desktop email client, downloaded it and played it.
    The quality was extremely sharp playing on my phone, but not sharp on the PC desktop player. What's a solution to play videos (recorded on smartphones) to play in good quality on something other then a smartphone?
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  2. Play it in a tiny little window -- the size of your iphone display.
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    Your PC monitor resolution is not HD prolly.
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    Use MediaInfo to check the details and resolution of the downloaded file (Text tree mode then you can copy and paste the results into a post) Mine always look great so my guess is as commented it is your PC monitor.
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  5. Also, iPhones have 336 PPI displays whereas your computer monitor has something like 96 PPI. So watching a 1080p video on your computer in a 5" window will still not be as sharp as the iPhone display.
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    Ceteris paribus, almost anything can look worse when you enlarge its display. And vice versa - lots of things, even bad videos, have shocked me - video sed non credo - by looking real nice on my phone's smaller screen, and no I'm not, and wasn't, drunk or blind.

    Maybe the video was bad to begin with, and flaws inherent in source are revealed on a bigger display which is much less forgiving.
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