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    IS Divx HEVC better than the old MPEG4 Part II codecs?

    I've serious doubts about its quality.
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  2. Why would you doubt Divx HEVC delivers better quality than Divx's old Mpeg 4 Part 2?

    By the way, there are a few threads here that discuss HEVC encoding with several different encoders, including Divx's.
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    How do you define "better", how do you measure "how good exactly" each of them is?

    If you refer to objective metrics like PSNR or SSIM, you can measure the difference to a reference and calculate a ratio between bitrate and difference, and even the encoding time if that matters for you. But only you know what matters, and how much.

    If you are interested in the subjective opinion of many people instead, ask many people to join an ABX test; the term "quality" has a subjective meaning, after all.
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    The emphasis is on 10,12 bit - more greater margin; a completely different approach to the internal filters encoder / decoder
    Now people are looking at the choice of the reference 720p/3000kbit and 1080p/4500kbit
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