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    Ok, so I'm making a document that will have many many tables but most of them small.... like 3-4 rows.

    However if I have a few rows too many of text in the last row of a table at the bottom of a page it pushes that row to the next page.
    Who would EVER want this in a short table??? I'm baffled that what I want is not the default.

    anyway, I've searched all over and find the same things....

    I open up the paragraph box and check 'Widow/Orphan Control' 'Keep with next' and 'Keep lines together'.
    I bring up the table properties and UNcheck 'allow row to break across pages'

    Still no luck.... the last row in a table at the bottom of the page will still break off to the next if its too long.

    I HAVE made this work in the past... long time ago... but for the life of me I can't get it to work again.

    Am I missing something here?
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    I'd use a forced page-break (CTRL ENTER) before the Table begins? This gives YOU all the edit power without relying on some Office Programmer to dictate HIS version of 'edit control' on your documents.

    Leaving a little more white space can mean "more notes" for readers.
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    Hi, I'm not exactly sure what you think should happen in this case, but if there's not enough room on a page, then of course its going to go onto the next page? Where else should it go? You can either make more room available by reducing the top and bottom margins on that page, or put in a page break to move the whole table onto the next page.
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    ...Or do a slight condense of the text, or slightly smaller font size. Or change line spacing. Or lower/remove in-cell borders. Probably a few other things.

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    @OllieTSB Well, I don't want to use page breaks because this is a document that will be updated in the future. I have done this on documents that I know wont be changed.

    @ronmaz ... what I think should happen is that the entire table should automatically bump to the next page and not just the offending row...

    @Cornucopia... Really don't want to do anything like that. Want to keep the whole document consistent and once again it may be updated in the future.

    I am certain I've had success with this in the past...perhaps it was an older version of Word but I can't imagine that this is not possible.
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    GOT IT!!!

    Here is what I did. Select the whole table
    Open up the paragraph options.

    Under 'pagination' there are four options
    Widow/Orphan control
    Keep with next
    Keep lines together
    Page Break before

    I was trying this with either all or the first 3 selected.

    When I did it with just the first 2 'widow/orphan control' and 'keep with next' this was the winner.

    Using this option if I put table at the bottom of the page and start typing multiple lines in the last row it moves the ENTIRE table to the next page.

    >>>EDIT.... Ok, what I wrote above does work but check this out. I have an older document I basically need to redo. Much of the info is correct but I need to restructure the table format and such. If I copy and paste or simply drag and info from the tables in the old document (where the above formatting was done) then the table formatting in my new document does not work. It will allow my table to break. Even if I change the properties in the table on the old document first it still screws up the new document.

    >>>EDIT AGAIN.... I think I may have solved that issue. The original document I'm redoing was formatted in either Word 97-2003 . I resaved as a 2007 word file and the now copying or dragging does not screw with the new formatting.
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