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    I'm trying to put some subtitles on that software but for some unknown reason I only get 52 seconds of my 2:20 mins video to display. The timeline just ENDS at the 00:52 mark. For the love of god please help me.
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  2. Is it waveform (timeline) or text that end at 52 sec? If the waveform have you used the scrubber or magnifying glass? If all of the text (subtitles) are there have you click on the last one?
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    I have better luck with the ItaSA version of VisualsubSync (VSS).
    It installs the LAV filters (locally) to convert just about any video and audio format into something VSS can read.

    If you still have problems, try converting the audio into a WAV file with another program and then import the wave file into VSS.
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