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  1. So, on my old thread i posted that i had problems with my elgato gaming capture hd.. About that my saved videos have black screen. But then they said me that it's a codec problem because they told me to download different players and i could see my videos on those players. So, my videos have black screen on Windows Media Player and Sony Vegas(Just after when i edit and save a video).. And yeah they told me to download more codecs and codecs changer but it didnt work..
    Mmm if you want to know more things, tell me. Thanks

    And thats a short sample tell me if you can see it
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    It plays fine here.
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  3. What could i do? :/ Reset my pc maybe because i have wrong settings since last 3 years?
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    It plays OK on Windows 8.1 on WMP. It usually won't play anything.

    Try using VLC media player. It uses it own codecs instead of installed codecs. If it works, then you have a codec problem.
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    The 2 best programs I've found for playing just about anything, which include their own codecs so you don't have to mess around with messy codec installs, are vlc and smplayer. Contrary to popular opinion smplayer ... which is just one of a number of front ends for mplayer ... is better in that regard.

    Windows Media Player stinks. Period. As does all microsoft media programs I've ever tried. I'm not one of those doctrinaire anti microsoft guys. I don't understand why their media software is so bad.
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  6. Yeah on VLC it works.. But i want to edit my videos but i cant because i have wrong codecs as you guys said.. So if i reset my pc will it work?
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