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  1. Hello

    After importing a series of MPEG2 files into Sony Vegas, I noticed a small shift between audio and video. This shift appeared even without performing any editing, and doesn't show while watching the files in VLC.

    When opening the files in MediaInfo, it appears that the shift is included in the files themselves: For the first file, it says "Delay relative to video: -80ms", while for the last three files, it says "Delay relative to video: -272ms".

    I'm told that some camcorders do this on purpose to compensate for the delay in processing the video part of the file, and that the delay doesn't show in media players like VLC because they play the composite video/audio file while NLEs like Vegas separate both streams.

    If this is indeed the reason for the shift, is there an easy way to sync audio and video without re-encoding the file, before moving on with actual editing?

    Thank you.
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  2. Can't you shift the audio in Vegas? By the way, a negative delay is an advance. Eg a -272 ms delay of the audio means the audio starts 272 ms before the video.
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    There's no way to get anything out of an NLE without re-encoding.
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