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  1. I am having problem with opening an avi file. The name of the file says it was compressed with x264 codec. But i cant able to play it in VLC media player. I tried installing x264 codec windows binaries from VLan websites. But that doesn't proved any better. I also tried opening that file using avidemux and Virtualdub but no use. Can anyone diagnose the problem?
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    Load the file into mediainfo and post a pasted text info here.
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  3. You can also open it with MKVMergeGUI and resave it as an MKV. MKVMergeGUI should show you the type of video and audio streams within when you open it.
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  4. VLC has no problems opening x264 encoded video in AVI files made with VirtualDub, both with and without the "virtualdub hack". I suspect the video isn't really h.264 in AVI.
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    Methinks there ought to be a sticky note stating all queries re video files should always have a mediainfo report pasted as part of the post - time and time again I see these posts and requests for a mediainfo report and then nothing! I see the same on the Popcorn forum and the Beyonwiz forum. The crystal ball is still cloudy!
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