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  1. Assume I have a 3D video *.mkv file.

    Is it possible to generate a corresponding 2D video file from it?

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  2. Yes, remove one of the two views. The procedure varies depending on the type of 3d (over/under, left/right, mvc, interlaced, anaglyph...).
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    Hello there ! First post here.
    I too was looking for how to this, and I found out this procedure with AviDemux.
    Basically, you open you 3D movie in AviDemux.
    On the left side, in "Video Output", put the format of the movie, for example Mpeg 4 AVC for H264 (say, bluray rip)
    Then proceed to press "Filters", then double-click "Crop".
    Now, if the movie in Over-under, you should crop half the vertical resolution, i.e. the movie is 1920x1080, crop 540 pixels vertically (either from up or down, you choose).
    If the movie is side-by-side, it's the horizontal resolution, i.e. 960x1080 pixels horizontally.
    After that, still in the "Filters", choose "swResize", uncheck "Lock Aspect Ratio" and under "Resize Dimensions" put original resolution of the movie, in the example from before, put 1920 width and 1080 height.
    Click preview if you want to check the result, of course, or just close the "Filters" tab.
    Now for the Audio, either leave "Copy" (in case you want to keep the same audio encode, I do this for DTS) or choose whatever you like, AC3 for example.
    Output format I'd suggest MKV.
    Done with the settings, press the "Save" button (not the "Save Project" one, they have the same icon, so put the mouse over it to make sure). Remember to save the file as "name.mkv" or whatever format you chose, or simply rename it later.
    The encoding starts and the result has been wonderful for me.
    Let me know if I have been of help.
    There are also some settings under the "Configure" tab but I didn't mess with those, if you find something interesting please tell me!
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    Just as information for those who might land here after a search...
    For an MVC frame-packed 3D Blu-Ray disc, it's simple:

    1) Run a driver-level decrypter in the background (AnyDVDHD or DVDFabPasskey).
    2) Insert 3D Blu-Ray disc in BD-ROM or BDRW drive.
    3) Wait for notification that encryption is removed.
    4) Extract left-view main movie (2D) with Clown_BD. It will go just as extraction from a 2D disc, i.e. there's no special option to select.
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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