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    I attempt to place my Blu-ray and DVD collection to WDTV for watching at home, but have no clue about the brief steps. Could you help?
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    I use VidCoder to convert DVDs to MKV format. Then RipBot264 for Blu-ray conversion. You will need a decrypter program for both.
    My WDTV Live works well with MKV and the quality is good, depending on the settings. I use AC3 format for audio.

    And welcome to our forums.

    And this isn't 'Video Streaming'. Moving you to 'Video Conversion' Forum.

    Moderator redwudz
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    I only have an older WDTV so if things have changed I have no visibility of it, but the WDTV units can play DVD rips to ISO format. The problem is that they don't support DVD menus. Basically just the main movie plays. BluRay support is essentially non-existent although if you go into the BDMV directory and load the main movie M2TS file it may (no guarantees) play OK.

    Generally speaking, redwudz advice to convert to MKV format and convert the audio to AC3 is quite good and the WDTV shouldn't have any problems playing such files.
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  4. I have both the older WDTV and the WDTV live. Like Redudz advised , I too convert to MKV, but I typically use Handbrake for the conversion and anything from RipIt4Me to DVDFabHD to rip the movie first.

    Also, as Jman98 states the WDTV boxes will play DVD ISO files, but only the main content. I convert to save space and remove the ads and extras that I don't want.

    "You can observe a lot by watching." - Yogi Bera
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  5. that first model WDTV was quite a pain, not only it played only main feature, but that caused to give problems with episode DVD's (kids stuff) or short titles, not sure now, title had to be longer than 30 minutes or so, I remember manualy renaming them, those titles to mpg or something and navigating manually into desired VOB, home videos for example also, could be short and it did not work,
    lates WDTV Live or older WDTV Live Plus or even first WDTV Live perform much better
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    The new WDTV Live (Streaming) fully supports DVD menus. Another plus is that it supports a USB hub. I'm running four, 4TB external drives (powered) through a unpowered hub. This was the reason I switched from my WDTV Live Plus.

    There are some quirks that I don't like, though hopefully be fixed in the near future. No slow motion, the title appears as text when fast forwarding and the video list scrolls side to side vs up and down.

    Overall though I'm glad I made the switch!
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    Thanks for that info, lingyi. That is all good to know.
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