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  1. i was searching around for online tvguides when i came across another ad, for dish and their dvr plus commercial skip, although the ad just say (in fine print) the customer must enable it. that sounds fishy.

    i thought commercial skipping was no longer legal.
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    Do a search to see if the company is legit.
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  3. It was never illegal. ReplayTV went backrupt before the case was ruled upon. Then other early manufacturers removed the feature when threatened with a lawsuit. Dish re-enabled the feature a year or so ago. The broadcasters quickly filed lawsuits. Disney and Dish recently came to some sort of agreement:

    Courts recently ruled agains Fox:

    Ironically, Dish even advertizes the feature on TV now.

    This is why product placement ads are becoming more and more common, and "bugs" are getting bigger and bigger.
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