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  1. I've been looking for a photo resizer that runs on snow leopard for my sister. Features I need:

    - batch processing
    - canvas resizing
    - cropping by aspect ratio

    Everything I've looked at so far falls short. I use faststone photo resizer on windows is there something like it in mac land?
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    Search MacUpdate for Mac apps.
    Perhaps Sizerox, Photo Batcher or EasyBatchPhoto do what you want/need?
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  3. Thanks, Sizerox looks to be what I need, but I'll only know when I get to her place. Before I stumbled on the Faststone program I was making due with an incomplete solution that didn't handle photos in portrait orientation properly. Now portrait photos get resized and centered on a black landscape canvas, it's perfect for digital photo frames.
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    You can batch resize in the Gimp, although I'm not 100% sure that the Mac version has that feature.
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  5. I'm afraid the Gimp or even Photoshop is well beyond my sister's computer skills. I tried Sizerox and like most similar PC programs it doesn't deal well with photos in portrait orientation. I used Light Image Resizer before I found FastStone Photo Resizer; I always had to use Photoshop to resize portrait images. I didn't mind it, but I know it's not for her. I think the feature that makes all the difference is the ability to control the canvas in FastStone Photo Resizer which is not available in the other resizer.
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